Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), to be eligible for special education and related services, a student must meet the federal definition of a disability. There are specific categories of disability under IDEA. Special education and related services will be made available to all eligible students ages 3 – 21 (services will be made available to eligible students on their third birthday). Children who have been identified as having a hearing or visual impairment are eligible for special education services at birth.

Special education is specially designed instruction that addresses the unique needs of a student eligible to receive special education services. Special education includes the related services a student needs to access their educational program.

Snyder ISD is committed to a collaborative process that includes parent(s)/guardian(s), teachers, administrators, specialists, assessment personnel, and all other relevant staff, based on student needs. You can learn more about procedures, personnel, and timelines related to collaboration activities, by viewing the Snyder ISD Special Services operating procedures for parent participation.

We believe with proper support and opportunities, every student can learn and succeed. Snyder ISD provides a continuum of services determined on an individual basis through processes designed to cultivate student success and improved academic, behavioral, and social outcomes. Special education services are provided to enhance appropriate educational opportunities for all students with disabilities. With high expectations for success, students with disabilities are prepared to become life-long learners and contributing members of the community.