Snyder Independent School District believes positive home/school relations are critical to the support and success of our schools. It is our hope that improved communications with the community will further strengthen that relationship. We utilize a variety of tools to communicate directly with students and parents, community partners and other key stakeholders to ensure our messages are clear and our audiences are connected to all that's going on in the District.

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All school, grade level and classroom information will automatically be sent to your computer or phone via email and/or text – you don’t have to do anything.

However, to take advantage of all that ParentSquare offers, including choosing your communication preference, or direct messaging your child's teacher, simply sign in at or download the free Mobile App!

The Help & Support question mark in the top right corner or the app can help answer most of your questions. So join in!

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Styles and Standards

The Snyder ISD brand is made up of core elements—the name, logos, and colors—that work together to communicate the intended brand vision and personality to employees, brand affiliates, and the public at large. It is important that these core elements remain consistent throughout all communication to create unity.

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