Complaints & Grievances

Snyder ISD encourages students and parents to discuss their concerns with the appropriate teacher, or campus administrator who has the authority to address the issue. Concerns should be expressed as soon as possible to allow early resolution at the lowest possible administrative level.

  1. Contact the Staff Member: The most direct route to resolving a concern is to confer directly with the person involved, (teacher, coach, etc.). Most concerns are resolved at this level.

  2. Contact the Campus Administrator: If no resolution was reached with the staff member, contact the school's Assistant Principal. If a resolution still cannot be reached, it will be referred to the Principal. Explanations of policies and procedures, various clarifications, and all types of campus information are available in campus administration offices.

  3. If no resolution is reached at the campus level, the complainant may elect to complete the Level One Student/Parent Complaint Form.

  4. If a resolution is not reached, the complainant may elect to complete a Level Two Student/Parent Complaint Form. This will be forwarded to the Superintendent of Schools.
    5. If a resolution is not reached, the complainant may elect to complete a Level Three Student/Parent Complaint Form. Upon receipt, the superintendent shall inform the complainant of the date/time of the next regularly scheduled Board Meeting (with instructions and procedures).


A student or parent may initiate the formal process by timely filing a written complaint form. In most circumstances, students and parents shall file Level One complaints with the campus principal. Even after initiating the formal complaint process, students and parents are encouraged to seek informal resolution of their concerns. A student or parent whose concerns are resolved may withdraw a formal complaint at any time.

If the student or parent has not received the relief requested from the formal complaint at Level 2 or if the time for a response has expired, the student or parent may submit a Level 3 Parent/Students Appeal form to appeal the decision to the Board.