Attendance Rules

  • A parent or doctor’s note is required for ANY absence that is not school-related within 3 days of returning to school. 

  • If you’re running late, we still want your child here! Every minute of learning is essential.  

  • If your child has a healthcare appointment (not related to a contagious illness), bring them before or after when possible.  This is a temporary absence and is EXEMPT from the 90% rule. 

Texas law requires that students in grades K-12 must attend class for 90 percent of the time to receive credit or a final grade. If the student doesn’t meet this requirement, an attendance committee may grant the student credit or a final grade, depending on the circumstances.

Exempt from 90% rule

All Grade Levels

  • Religious Holy Day

  • Required Court Appearance

  • Activities Related to US Citizenship

  • Documented Health Care Appointments (must attend school a portion of the same day as the appointment)

  • Students in the Conservatorship of the State

  • Students of Military Families

Secondary Grade Levels

  • College Visit (11th & 12th Grade Only)

  • Students Pursuing Enlistment in the Armed Services

  • Serving as an Early Voting or Election Clerk

  • Sounding Taps at a Funeral

Non Exempt from 90% rule

  • Illness *

  • Being absent without parental consent or knowledge

  • Religious festivals, ceremonies, or other events not celebrated or recognized by the international religious calendar

  • Weddings

  • Graduations not for the student

  • Family reunions

  • Haircuts

  • Vacations/Cruises

  • International Travels

  • Leaving campus during class or a lunch period without official permission

  • Being in an unauthorized area of the school or campus without permission

  • Willfully refusing to attend school

  • Oversleeping/Alarm failure

  • Needed at home for babysitting, chores, etc.

  • Car trouble

  • Missing the bus

  • Any other absence that is not covered under the law

* If your child is absent due to an illness, the absence is considered nonexempt fromt he 90% rule.  However, this is where communication and documentation is critical.  Submit a parent or a doctor’s note when your child is absent due to illness. If your child frequently complains of headaches, stomachaches, and/or does not feel well, it is advisable to consult your medical provider.  If your child is referred to an attendance committee because they fell below the 90% attendance rule, the documentation you provide will be considered.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I submit a note?

Snyder ISD requires all students who have been absent from school to submit a parent or doctor’s note explaining their absence within 3 days of returning to school.  Supporting documentation may be requested when necessary. Late documentation will not be accepted.

Documentation may be submitted via: 

  • 1. Email 

    • ​Snyder Primary (grades PreK-3)

    • Snyder Intermediate (4-5)

    • Snyder Junior High (6-8)

    • Snyder High School (9-12)

  • 2. Through ParentSquare 

  • 3. To the campus attendance office

    Late documentation will not be accepted.


Snyder Primary (grades PreK-3)

Snyder Intermediate (4-5)

Snyder Junior High (6-8)

Snyder High School (9-12)


Parents and Guardians can view Attendance Notices on their app or website and can submit notes back to the school.

attendance notice example

  1. Click send note to school.

example of attendance note

  1. Enter the reason for the absence and click Submit

example of sick note

When should I keep my child home?

Please keep your child home and/or contact your child’s medical provider for:

  • Elevated temperature (100F or greater, taken by mouth).

  • Persistent cough- if your child is coughing continuously, he/she may not be able to concentrate or function during the school day and may disrupt others in the class.

  • Repeated vomiting and/or diarrhea within the last 24 hours, nausea, or severe abdominal pain.

  • Severe sore throat, possibly accompanied by fever, and feeling ill for more than 48 hours, or after exposure to strep throat infection.

  • Large amounts of mucous (liquid) from their nose, possibly accompanied with face pain or headache.

  • Red, inflamed or discharging eyes (conjunctivitis/"pink eye").

  • Suspected scabies, impetigo (honey-crusted sores around nose/mouth), acute skin rashes, eruptions, any skin lesion in the weeping stage, or any other infectious childhood condition.

  • Severe ear pain or fluid coming from the ear.

  • Severe headache, especially with fever.

  • Lethargic behavior.

  • 5 days after symptom onset or positive COVID test. Students may return after the 5 day period if they have not had any of the above symptoms for at least 24 hours without the aid of medication.

Note: If your child frequently complains of headaches, stomachaches, and/or does not feel well, it is advisable to consult your medical provider.

Learn more here:

What about make up work? 

A student will be responsible for obtaining and completing the makeup work in a satisfactory manner and within the time specified by the teacher.  A student who does not make up assigned work within the time allotted by the teacher will receive a grade of zero for the assignment. 

Students who miss school for school-related reasons have the responsibility of seeing the teacher beforehand for assignments.

It’s important to communicate with the teacher(s) as soon as possible to verify expectations for make up work submission.

What if my child has a healthcare appointment?

If a student must be checked out of school for a Medical/Dental Appointment or an exempt event, the parent/guardian must sign out the student in the Attendance Office and show valid photo identification before leaving campus with the student.  Students who are present for part of the day who leave for a medical/dental appointment will be counted as present for the portion of the day they are in school.  Submit the note from the healthcare provider with 3 days of returning.  

How will I be notified if my child’s absence? 

ParentSquare notifications (phone call, text, and email)  will be sent to the contact information on file for any absence (school-related absences coded and entered the day before will not generate a notification). 

  • 3rd-4th Absence: call from PEIMS

  • 5th Absence: letter sent home

  • 6th Absence: call from AP

  • 7th Absence: call/meet with AP

  • 8th Absence: parent meeting with principal

  • 9th Absence: parent meets with principal, letter mailed home

  • 10th Absence: turned over to truancy officer

What should I do if I receive a compulsory attendance warning letter in the mail?

The compulsory attendance warning letter is required by state law to make parents/guardians aware the student has accrued 3 or more nonexempt absences and to inform them of the consequences that could result if a student accumulates an excessive number of nonexempt absences. If you feel these nonexempt absences are in error, please contact your school's attendance office immediately. Remember, you may at any time view all of your child's absences through Skyward. It is very important that you contact your son's or daughter's school immediately when they are absent from school--and even more important for you to encourage them to be in school, if possible, each and every day!

What should I do if I receive a 90% attendance letter?

When a student falls below or is in danger of falling below, 90 percent attendance based on exempt and nonexempt absences, the parent/guardian will receive a warning notification from the school with instructions to contact the school for a parent conference. If the absences are greater than 75 percent but less than 90 percent, the student will be asked to complete a plan approved by the school's principal that provides for the student to meet the instructional requirements of the class.

What is the difference between the 90% rule and the truancy code?

In order to receive credit or a final grade for a class, a student must be in attendance at least 90% of the days the class is offered. This "90% rule" includes ALL absences. However, if a student fails to attend school on 10 or more days or parts of days within a six-month period in the same school year, the student may be subject to referral to a truancy court and the student’s parent or person standing in parental relation may be subject to prosecution for “Parent Contributing to Nonattendance” under Texas Education Code Section §25.093.

What can you do if your child falls below 90% compulsory attendance?

  • If the student drops below 90% attendance but attends class at least 75% of the days the class is offered, the student may earn credit for the class by completing a plan approved by the principal or campus attendance review committee which allows the student to fulfill the instructional requirements for the class.

  • If a student falls below the 75% attendance rate or has not completed the plan approved by the principal, the student will be referred to the Campus Attendance Review Committee and they will review the reasons for your student's absences, review performance, and determine if there are extenuating circumstances for the absences.  If extenuating circumstances exist, the committee will develop a plan that will allow the student to regain credit or a final grade lost due to attendance.  Each plan will be unique and based on individual students' circumstances.

  • The student or parent may appeal the Attendance Review Committee's decision to the building principal. 

s it just the sniffles or something more? Learn more about when you should keep your child home from school here:

How can I help my child have a good start to their day?

Work with your child and his/her teacher to develop your child’s strong attendance.

  • Set a regular bedtime and morning routine.

  • Lay out clothes and pack backpacks the night before.

  • Share ideas with other parents for getting to school on time.

  • Keep your child healthy and make sure your child has the required shots.

Build the Habit of Good Attendance

  • Ask family members or neighbors for assistance if you need help getting your child to school.

  • Call the transportation office to sign your child up for bus transportation inf needed.

  • Try to schedule medical appointments and extended trips when school is not in session.

  • If you are concerned your child may have Covid-19, keep your child home and call your school for advice.

  • If your child seems anxious about school, talk to the program director, teacher, doctor, or other parents for advice.