Children are special and so is their education in Snyder ISD. We believe that all individuals are born with inherent value and that all individuals need to feel safe and secure in their learning environment. Further, we believe that all individuals deserve an environment that is conducive to mental, physical, and spiritual growth. And, we also believe that education is a shared responsibility and that personal relationships, especially with parent(s)/guardian(s) and students, are essential and vital to learning.

It is the mission of the Special Services Department to actively respond to the needs of students with disabilities, and their families, by providing supports that will encourage and foster empowerment, independence, and inclusiveness in all aspects of the educational experience in school and beyond. We seek to develop educational programs for students with disabilities which are relevant and adaptable to the student’s needs. This department serves and meets the needs of Snyder ISD stakeholders through oversight and implementation of services for Dyslexia and other Related Disorders, Section 504, and Special Education.

We are committed to collaborative process that includes parent(s)/guardian(s), teachers, administrators, specialist, assessment personnel, and all other relevant staff, based on student needs. We believe with proper support and opportunities, every student can learn and succeed. Snyder ISD provides a continuum of services determined on an individual basis through processes designed to cultivate student success and improved academic, behavioral, and social outcomes.

All services provided by Snyder ISD through general education, Section 504, special education, and/or other related services, are at no cost to the individual student or parent(s)/guardian(s).