The mission of SISD is to equip everyone to pursue excellence every day. Snyder ISD serves approximately 2,500 students, employs over 400 staff members, and is located in Snyder, Texas.  From a dual-language program for primary school students to the P-TECH High School, SISD is proud to offer an array of opportunities for both students and educators.


We believe the mission of Snyder ISD is to equip everyone to pursue excellence every day.


As the cornerstone of our community, we expect everyone to be authentically engaged and accountable for the success of all. 


Alma Mater

On fair Snyder's Southern Border,

Reared against the sky,

Proudly stands our Alma Mater,

As the years go by,


Onward, ever, be our watchword,

Conquer and prevail.

Here's to thee, our Alma Mater,

Snyder High, all hail!

Fight Song 

Fight, fight, you Tigers, right on through

We're here in back of you

We know again you're bound to win,

So fight to the end.

Fight, fight, fight!

Loyal and true we shall remain,

And cheer for every game

We'll back the line, and ne'er fall back

Tigers, the gold and black!

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