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2023 SEF Scholarship Winners:

Allie Beck

Caden Stone

Who are we?

The SEF is a group of volunteers from the community – including parents, business leaders, and community leaders – who recognize the importance of excellent public schools to the Snyder community. Support generated by the Snyder Education Foundation ensures Snyder ISD moves forward to strive for excellence in everything. 

How does the foundation benefit SISD?

The Snyder Education Foundation gives Snyder ISD schools the ability to offer opportunities and programs to students beyond those already afforded through district funding. Students benefit through the use of high quality, leading edge educational tools and programs, and scholarships assist graduates with additional financial assistance. Teachers benefit by being able to enhance teaching experiences in their classroom. The Education Foundation is a powerful way for community members, businesses, and alumni to identify and fund learning experiences above and beyond those financed through tax dollars.

How can you help?

The Snyder Education Foundation Board welcomes volunteers and provides a variety of ways to get involved, including serving on the board or participating in fundraising events the foundation might sponsor. You may also choose to volunteer your time for a special project or event

Why should I give?

Enhancing innovative classroom practices provides a direct benefit not only to students but also to the community. An investment in our children truly is an investment in the future.

Through your contribution, you will:

• See your investment at work quickly when grants are awarded

• Become a partner with our school district in its quest for academic excellence

• Provide opportunities to students who will be better prepared to become part of our local workforce

• Encourage teachers to develop creative teaching strategies to improve student learning

• Make the community of Snyder an attractive place to live, work and attend school We are glad to accept any level of giving. Gifts can also be made in memory of or in honor of friends or family. Simply let us know in the message area when you donate.

Photo Ben McQuirk

As a future educator I thank Snyder Education Foundation for the blessing of compensating me for the required testing as I have a once in a lifetime opportunity to pursue locally a career in education.

– Ben McQuirk

Photo Morgan Grant

Thank you to the Snyder Education Foundation for giving me a scholarship and opportunity to attend college to pursue my dream career. With this scholarship, I was able to put it toward my tuition at Texas Tech instead of having take out another loan!

– Morgan Grant

Goals of the Snyder Education Foundation

• Inspire academic excellence for students at all levels.

• Award post-secondary scholarships to graduating seniors.

• Encourage innovation and creativity and foster a love of learning.

• Assist Snyder ISD in providing our students with high quality, leading edge opportunities using the most current learning tools.

• Support quality educational programs • Reward teaching excellence.

• Recognize innovative efforts of teachers. • Involve local businesses in support of an educated and skilled workforce for tomorrow.

• Involve the community in the educational process through donation support of their schools.

• Expand SEF membership through parent and organizational involvement.

How can I contact the foundation?

For more information on the Snyder Education Foundation and to learn how you can become a stakeholder, please contact us:

Snyder Education Foundation
P.O. Box 1412
Snyder, Texas

Snyder Education Foundation Board Members

  • Jayna Hunter

  • Kelbi McLanahan

  • Jami West

  • Valerie Morris

  • Kellye Starnes

  • Haley Leatherwood

  • Matt Lowry

  • Hunter Cox