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What is Skyward Family Access?

Skyward is the online student database used by Snyder ISD, and schools across the nation.

  • Skyward allows parents/guardians the ability to:

  • Register your child for school

  • View your child's grades in the official grade book

  • See missing assignments

  • Set up email grade notifications

  • Update your email or contact information (some changes must be approved and/or verified by the front office)

  • and more!

Family Connections Q&A: How to Monitor Grades & Attendance in Skyward

Don't get caught off guard by the report card!

Video Length: 29 minutes

Some of the questions addressed in this seminar include:

  • How can I see my student's grades?

  • What is the difference between Schoology and Skyward?

  • Where can I find the grading policies?

  • Can I tell what assignments are missing?

  • Can I set up email notifications for grade or progress report emails? How often can I set up these reports?