Steps to Join Snyder Junior High or High School Athletics

Whether you are new to Snyder or currently attend Snyder Junior High or High School and would to join the athletics program, we would love to discuss how you can get involved.

If you are an incoming 7th-12th grader and you are wanting to join Snyder Athletics for any reason in the 2022-2023 school year, please follow these steps.

  1. Email: First, please email Athletic Director - Boys: Wes Wood, Girls: T'Leah Eicke

  2. SportsYou App: Let them know which sports you are interested in, and they will get you in contact with the head coach and the SportsYou team code. This is used for communication, information, camps, workouts, changes, etc.

  3. Summer Strength & Conditioning: All incoming 7th - 12th graders will be allowed to attend Summer Strength and Conditioning at any time as it is considered volunteer workouts, and we are not responsible or liable for injuries. You do not need a physical to participate in our Summer S&C program.

  4. Sports Specific Skills: We will also hold sport-specific skills practices throughout the summer, but coaches require that athletes attend the S&C workout in order to attend skills on any given day. 

  5. Required Physical: You will need your medical physical BEFORE you participate in athletics during the school year, and you need to be extremely proactive in getting that from your previous school, or getting one scheduled. If you have one from your previous school that is only 1 year old, please email a copy to our trainer - Alex Marsh ( If you schedule an appointment with Cogdell before August 1st, it is free of charge and Snyder ISD will pay for it. Again, the sooner the better.

The following athletes need physicals as we are back on track with our two-year cycle for the 22-23 school year:

  • Athletes who are brand new to athletics

  • Athletes who are incoming 7th, 9th, or 11th graders

  • Athletes with a pre-existing medical condition

  • Athletes who have had an athletic injury since their last physical that required a doctor's release 

  1. Join Arbiter: Lastly, you will need to join our online paperwork platform called Arbiter. All our required forms go through a website called planetHS, and there are 6 forms that are required to be filled out before August. The parent/guardian and athlete will both have a linked account with forms for each to sign. For this information, please email our trainer - Alex Marsh ( or Athletic Secretary - Jasmin Ashley (

  2. Questions? If you have additional questions regarding athletics, please email: