The Virtual School at Snyder ISD will provide families a local, high-quality option to remain connected to their child's school while in a comfortable environment.

Campus staff will reach out to families by August 28th with information regarding technology pickup and virtual orientation.  


When you register your child for school, you will select the option that best meets the needs of your family. If the original instruction choice is not a good fit for the family, the district has established a grace period for three weeks after the start of school allowing families to change instructional environments. After that date you can change enrollment between on campus and virtual instruction at the end of each grading period.

If special circumstances arise during the school year requiring a switch to virtual classes, please contact the principal for guidelines.


Students who are not in face-to-face class sessions and are attending school virtually will be expected to complete assigned work each day in order to be counted as present. Assigned work may include daily assignments, video-based instruction, scheduled virtual interaction with teachers, or other activities as indicated in the daily lesson plan and recorded in Google Classroom. Attendance requirements in the virtual environment includes all students participating in full-time virtual instruction as well as students who are absent from the face-to-face classroom for short periods of time due to illness. Please note Snyder Junior High’s attendance guidelines are available on the Vision20/20 Website.


Students will be placed in a virtual classroom and assigned teachers, just as they would if they were attending in-person classes. They will follow the same robust curriculum and grading standards as their classmates attending school on-campus to stay on-pace with their peers. It is important to note that virtual learning this fall will look and function differently than the at-home learning that was required in the spring of 2020. Students will be asked to be engaged in learning every school day and benefit from a combination of self-paced lessons, interactive videos, teacher to student interactions and personalized learning to meet their needs. Students should set aside at least 4 hours of time to connect to the virtual classroom through the internet. Grades will be assigned based on the district grading guidelines.


Students will be issued an iPad or laptop (depending on grade) to connect to the classroom. Wifi hot-spots have been installed throughout the community to make the internet more accessible. Teachers will use curriculum and programs specifically designed to adapt to on-campus and virtual instruction and creative technology to bring the classroom experience to the student. If a parent wishes to enroll their student in the virtual learning program and Internet access is an issue, please contact your campus principal for options.

Student Progress & Family Support

Teachers will continually monitor each student's progress to determine if they need additional support.

Virtual help-desk hours will be available for families and students to ask questions and receive guidance. If you feel your child is falling behind, we ask that you reach out to our staff as soon as possible. Prompt intervention is the key to keeping students on track to success.

Special Programs

Students in the Gifted and Talented Program and Special Education are eligible to receive services virtually.

Electives & CTE (Career & Technical Education)

SISD will offer most electives, P-Tech, and CTE courses to virtual students in high school, and a limited number of electives will be available to virtual students in junior high school. Some courses are impossible to complete 100% virtually and will require some flexibility on the part of the school and the students. Students who have selected SHS CTE courses that will require face-to-face lab interactions will receive a letter offering options for other class choices or small group instruction times.

Extracurricular Activities

Snyder High School Virtual School students will have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular academic and athletic opportunities as long as they meet eligibility requirements. SISD will follow UIL health and safety guidelines and our district guidelines for prevention, screening, sanitization, and response.

Communication & Community

The district, school, and teachers will include families of virtual students in all communications. Teachers may communicate with parents through Google classroom, ParentSquare, email, and telephone. You are encouraged to contact your child's teacher when you have questions or concerns.


We want students to remain connected to Snyder ISD, their classmates, and their teachers. Virtual orientation and meet the teacher events will be planned to introduce you to your teacher(s) and prepare students for the school year. Our staff will develop creative ways to keep the Tiger bond strong.