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Author of "Teach Like A Pirate" Dave Burgess spends the morning with SES & Stanfield Faculty
A day of relaxation for the students means a day of preparation for the teachers and staff at SISD.
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Snyder ISD is asking all parents to participate in a parent engagement survey
Snyder ISD is asking all parents to participate in a parent engagement survey. The survey is open now and will close October 24th. The parent engagement survey was designed to help participating districts understand how their schools compare to other schools on numerous factors related to parent engagement.
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SJHS Groundbreaking
SJHS Groundbreaking
Please join us on Friday, October 24th @ 5:00.
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A Note From The Dr.'s Office
The 2014-15 school year is off to a fantastic start! 
One of my favorite things to do as superintendent is to visit our campuses and classrooms. 
I have had the opportunity to visit each campus several times and
have been in over 30 classrooms thus far. 
My goal is to visit each classroom as much as possible through out the school year. 
I have witnessed our teachers and students doing amazing work! 
 Our teachers are woking extensively to make sure all students are learning and meeting their goals.
Our students are responding with great enthusiasm.
 If you would like to join me  in the classroom via social media, follow me on twitter at http://twitter.com/RandyMBrown
 I am very excited to announce that in accordance with  the student attendance rate of 96% set 
by The Texas Education Agency, SISD campuses had a student attendance average of 96.8% for the first six weeks.  
Teacher attendance rate was 97.76%!!
These results show the commitment by our staff and 
parents to further the education of our students.  
Thank you for your commitment and support of Snyder ISD.
Go Tigers!!
 Dr. Randy Brown
SISD Superintendent