Yearbook Orders Are Taking Place! Don't Delay! Order Today!

A yearbook is not so much for TODAY as it is for TOMORROW - 10, 20, 30 years
from now when you've lost touch with those close friends you know now. The
yearbook is the ONLY place that captures all of the memories and the history of THIS school year!  The Snyder High School yearbook is a 212-page full-color, hardback book, is $70 for the book only. A name and up to four icons can be added for an additional charge ($7 for the name and $3.50 for each icon - but the name has to be purchased to have the icons).

This price is good through March 31. On April 1, the price increases to $75 (no April Fools joke
A deposit of $30 can be made now with the balance due May 1, 2020.
Orders can be made online at
Check or cash is accepted at the high school. Checks and the order form can be mailed to SHS
Student Publications, 3801 Austin Ave., Snyder, TX 79549.