Update From The Superintendent

On Tuesday, January 14, 2020, TEA Commissioner Mike Morath notified Snyder ISD of his intention to honor the parent petitions requesting he close Snyder Junior High. SISD believes we have proposed a strong plan, however, Commissioner Morath informed the district that he would not approve the proposed realignment plan that would create two educational pathways for our 2nd through 8th grade. The plan to realign grades and restructure academics has been the subject of multiple community meetings, staff meetings, and focus groups since October 2019. One criteria for reopening the campus was the campus must offer a significantly different academic program and is the commissioner’s decision that the proposed Inquiry-Based Learning Academy did not meet that threshold. Additionally, Commissioner Morath is appointing conservator, Keri Barnett, to the district. The role of the conservator is to monitor and report back to Commissioner Morath the district’s progress with regards to improving the academic performance of our students.

The district has until no later than January 30, 2020, to submit a revised comprehensive plan for campus closure that will meet the statutory requirements and receive approval from Commissioner Morath. The options for reopening campus remain the same; signing an agreement with a Charter to operate the Junior High Campus, or reopen the Junior High with the majority of the grades different and a distinctly different academic program. The district remains steadfast in our commitment to provide the best education to our students. We will diligently explore all available options for our Junior High and our District. We will keep you informed as updates become available.