Family Connections: Live, Virtual Q&A Sessions

Next Session: Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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Snyder High School parents & guardians: we hope you can join us for the spring semester Q&A. Snyder High School staff will be on hand to discuss how your child can receive support at home and at school, summer learning opportunities, and answer any other questions you have.

Please join us for a 30-minute, virtual meeting on Tuesday, March 9th at 12pm or 5pm. Submit your questions ahead of time or during the meeting and we will answer your questions live.

➡️ Submit your questions by:

  • Emailing

  • Clicking on the Q&A or chat feature during the zoom and type in your question(s).

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Elementary "Chat": Live Q&A with elementary principals and instructional leaders

Attention Snyder Primary and Snyder Intermediate parents & guardians! We know this school year has been anything but ordinary and we are doing our best to make it easier to answer your questions and support your children. Snyder Primary and Snyder Intermediate principals and instructional leaders answered parent questions live. Watch the recording here.

BrightThinker Q&A with SJH

What is BrightThinker?

My student is behind in Bright Thinker, how can they get caught up?

My student received a notice they have to attend summer school. Is this their only option? Is there anything my student can do to bring their grades up?

My student always says that grades haven't been put in. Why is that?

Why doesn’t BrightThinker show the child what they missed on quizzes or tests?

How can a parent/guardian tell how a student is doing in their coursework?

How do BrightThinker and Skyward sync? The grades are sometimes different.

Is BrightThinker above grade-level?

How can a student accelerate or get ahead in their coursework?

If a child gets ahead in class, but hits a wall and is unable to continue without teacher assistance, do they have to wait for their class to catch up to where they are?

Mental Health Q&A

Is your child dealing with grief, anxiety, loneliness, or perhaps they just lack motivation? During an ordinary school year, students and families experience stress while juggling schoolwork and extracurricular activities in addition to family and social issues. COVID-19 has, understandably, caused additional stress for us all. Join Amy Crist and Lacee Wall, counselors, at Snyder ISD's primary school campus, as they discuss ways to help your child through challenging times.

1. My child is a “worrier” much worrying is considered “normal” and when should I become concerned?

2. We recently lost a family member and this was my child’s first experience with the death of someone they do I know if they are handling it okay? Are there red flags I should look for?

3. What are some ways I can help my child develop some healthy coping skills in dealing with stress during this time and be resilient?

Equity, Diversity & Equality Q&A

An issue that is often misunderstood, Snyder ISD began a strategic initiative in 2019 to answer these questions and more.

How does SISD address equity among students?

What is the difference between equity and equality?

What issues with equity has SISD identified?

What is the school’s definition of equity and inclusion?

Is this topic part of a political agenda?

Special Education Services Q&A

What resources are available to help my child succeed in her classes?

I think my child is struggling with a learning disability.  What should I do?

My child is failing his classes.  What can I do to help?

What is a failure ARD and why is it important that I attend?

My teenager is not wanting to come to school.  I am having a hard time getting him to go because he wants to attend virtually, but then he is not working.  What should I do?

My student is at SJHS.  How can I see their grades in Bright Thinker?  What resources are available to help my student catch up on missing work?

I have heard about funding from TEA to help special education students and their families...what is that?

How safe is school if I send my special needs student to face to face classes?

Q&A High School P-Tech Program (Pathways in Technology Early College High School)

What does P-Tech stand for?

Is P-Tech only for at-risk students?

Can my child earn an Associate's Degree?

What industry certifications are available?

What if my child changes their mind?

How can my child enroll in the P-Tech Program?

How much does it cost?

Q&A with the High School Staff

How do you take attendance for virtual students?

How can students make up attendance to earn credit?

What resources are available to help students who are struggling?

What is MAP testing?

How are grades given at SHS?

Q&A with the Junior High Team of Deans

How do you take attendance for virtual students?

Why can't students see the results of their quizzes?

What grade do students have to get before moving on to the next lesson?

What is the best way to support my student from home?

Will there be STAAR testing in the spring?

How can I tell if my child is missing assignments?

Q&A with the Elementary School Principals

What percentage of students are currently absent with COVID?

Will my child pass if they miss too many days?

What resources are available to help face to face and virtual learners?

How much should my child read each day?

What programs can my child access at home for support and continued learning opportunities?

Where can I find my student's grades?

Is there a way to see the results of my child's student assessments?

Special Education & 504: How to make sure your child receives the support they need

How can I make sure my child is getting the attention and assistance they need to be successful?

What's the difference between 504 and Special Education?

Does Snyder ISD have a dyslexia specialist?

What is the difference between resource and inclusion services?

Who all can attend an ARD?

Keeping Students Safe Online

Does SISD have any guidelines for how students can use their school-issued devices?

Are there filters on the school-issued devices?

How does social media differ from ParentSquare?

Do you have any recommendations for social media use?

How can parents keep their child safe from cyber-bullying?

Grades & Attendance in Skyward

How can I see my student's grades?

What is the difference between Schoology and Skyward?

Where can I find the grading policies?

Can I tell what assignments are missing?

Can I set up email notifications for grade or progress report emails? How often can I set up these reports?

Understanding Schoology

How do I set up a Schoology account?

How can I access my child's class pages?

Is it possible to see if any assignments are missing?

Why don't all of the grades in Schoology show up in Skyward?

Can I view student work in Schoology?


Family Connections

Family Connections is a weekly, virtual meet-up between you and Snyder ISD. Each Tuesday at 12 pm and 5 pm, we will hold a live online interactive session. Some sessions will cover specific topics, and others will be an open topic Q&A. If you miss a session, don’t worry, we will post a video from each week’s session on our website. You may also submit your questions in advance to