• It is a Privilege, not a Right to ride the bus. The goal of Snyder I.S.D. is to provide safe and efficient transportation to and from school.
  • An eligible transported student is defined as one who resides two (2) or more miles from school, or a student who participates in special classes for exceptional children and who meets applicable state criteria.
  • Snyder ISD may videotape a route to monitor student behavior and for quality control. Your child could be videotaped at anytime while riding the bus to and from school. However, state law governing student privacy does not permit a parent to view a videotape on which any other student can be recognized.
  • Students and parents are to follow all safety precautions at all times.
  • Students shall load and unload at designated stops only. Each student will be assigned one designated pick-up and drop-off point. 
  • Pets must be restrained and kept away from the bus! It is extremely important that parent/guardian’s keep the family pets out of the road. Every year pets get injured or killed by buses. Students have been known to run after their pet in front of, or behind the bus and into traffic. PLEASE, help us with this very big problem! The only recourse Snyder I.S.D. has is to call animal control or suspend service.
  • Students are required to be at their designated bus stop ten (10) minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time. In order to ensure that the bus arrives to school in a timely manner, the bus cannot wait for students that are running late to the bus stop. Drivers may wait for students who are in sight if they are hurrying. Drivers will not blow horn for students. If a student misses the bus, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide transportation to, or from the child’s school. 
  • Parents are not to enter the bus at any time. It is a misdemeanor for parents or non-authorized personnel to board a school bus without proper authorization, or to refuse to exit if asked by the bus driver; resulting in the interference with the transportation of students. Please call the transportation office if you have any concerns.
  • A parent/guardian, or an authorized adult, must be present at the morning and afternoon bus stop for all students assigned to the Special Education Program, and students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. Please call if you are unable to meet the bus. If no one is at the stop to meet the bus, the student will be returned to the home campus for parent pickup.
  • Classroom conduct is expected at all times while on the bus. The school day begins when the student boards the bus and ends when the student departs the bus.
  • Students shall wait off of the roadway for the bus to come to a complete stop before walking toward the bus to board.
  • If students are required to cross in front of the bus, they must wait for the driver to signal them when it is safe to cross. They must then walk ten (10) feet in front of the bus, never behind the bus!
  • Students will be assigned seats on the bus, and are expected to sit in their assigned seat at all times.
  • Students are required to wear their seatbelt if their bus is equipped with seatbelts.
  • Students will be held financially responsible for any damage caused to their assigned seat while on the bus. If a student notices any change in condition of his/her seat, the driver must be notified immediately. 
  • Students are never permitted to stand on the bus while the bus is in motion. Students must sit facing forward with their feet on the floor. No part of the body should extend into the aisle.
  • At no time shall a student extend any part of his/her body out of the bus window. Nor shall a student yell, throw, spit, or pass any items through the windows.
  • No eating or drinking will be allowed on the bus. During the hot summer months, an exception of a water bottle will be allowed so students may stay hydrated. As a safety precaution, water bottles must be kept in the student’s lap, and not left on the seat or floor when the student exits the bus.
  • Possession and/or use of alcohol, tobacco, or any other form of drugs are not allowed on the bus.
  • Firearms, knives, slingshots, or any other weapons are prohibited. It is a felony to exhibit, threaten to exhibit, or use firearms on any school bus transporting students to and from school, or school sponsored events.
  • Electronics: Headphones, Radios, Cassette Players, CD Players, MP3 Players, DVD Players, electronic handhelds (ex. Gameboys, Nintendo DS, PSP, Etc.) or computers (laptop or handheld) are not to be brought on the bus. Any of these items may be confiscated by the driver. The parent/guardian can retrieve the item at the SISD Transportation office. 
  • The following items are also not allowed on the bus: fireworks, lighters, or matches, no sports balls of any kind, skateboards, glass items, balloons, water balloons, cameras, laser/pointing lights, flashlights, toy guns, or water guns, make-up, perfume/cologne, hairspray, deodorizers, shaving cream, or any other aerosol items of any kind.
  • Students will not be permitted to carry any large items on the bus that will not fit into their laps or on an empty seat, if available. This includes large band instruments, duffel bags, science projects, etc.
  • No animals, insects, reptiles, birds, or fish will be allowed on the bus at anytime. 
  • Profanity or obscene gestures will not be tolerated.

  • The Principal and authorized personnel for SISD Transportation will take necessary steps to maintain acceptable student conduct on school buses.
  • Students who fail to conduct themselves in an acceptable manner may be denied the privilege of school bus transportation.
  • It is recommended that the parent/guardian’s cooperation be sought in each case before a student is excluded from transportation.
  • It is understood that the bus driver has the responsibility and authority to maintain order on the school bus.
  • Student behavior that endangers the safety of others will not be tolerated.
  • It is the duty of the Principal and not the Bus Driver to exclude a student from riding. However, the Bus Driver is not prohibited from exercising reasonable judgment in order to protect other passengers or themselves.

Bus Drivers are expected to complete a student bus referral form (Bus Conduct Report) on any misbehaving student for the Principal to use in deciding corrective actions.

1st Bus Referral
A probationary period shall be established for the first violation by the school Principal and the parent/guardian shall be notified.

2nd Bus Referral
The second violation may result in a one-week suspension of riding privileges with the parent/guardian notified of the suspension.

3rd Bus Referral
A third violation may result in suspension of bus riding privileges for the remainder of the school year. The parent/guardian is notified of this final action.

Notification or exception of the disciplinary steps must be approved by the school Principal.